Prepping Plans

Important Updates as of 6/1/2018

Prepping Plans is now a closed community and for the moment we are not accepting any new members. Please send us a message to support[at] if you wish to be put on our waiting list.

If you are already a member of one of our other communities (The Daily Truth, The American Patriot, Daily Patriot News, Concerned Citizen, Daily America or America Online) and would like to update your membership information, please contact us directly at brands[at]

To contact us via Facebook, please go to our Fans Page at

Best regards,
Dave Steen

Who is Dave Steen? Dave is a 52 year old survivalist; father of three; with over 30 years of survival experience. He started young, learning survival the hard way, in the school of hard knocks. Now, after years of study, he's gray-haired and slightly overweight. That hasn't dimmed his interest in survival though. If anything, Dave has a greater commitment to survival than ever, so that he can protect his family.

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